Experience the Magic of a Piano Bar and Restaurant in Long Beach, CA

Paradise Restaurant in Long Beach

Welcome to Paradise Restaurant, located in beautiful Long Beach, California. This Piano Bar and Restaurant is the perfect place to unwind after a long day, or take your special someone out for an unforgettable night. Paradise Restaurant provides patrons with all kinds of entertainment; whether you'd like to listen to the soothing sounds of Jazz and Blues or even mingle with others at our live music events, there’s something for everyone.

Paradise Restaurant proudly serves beloved Cajun food from the Bayou as well as locally-sourced produce from Southern California farms. We also offer a fully stocked bar with all your favorite drinks! And who could forget about our signature piano performances? For those interested in experiencing the music of Paradise Restaurant, visiting us at our weekly jazz nights is sure to please!

No matter what your preference, a visit to Paradise Restaurant will be an unforgettable experience that you’ll want to revisit time and time again. But if you really want to get immersed in the culture of Maxie's, then stay tuned for the next section – it’ll change the way you think about piano music.

Queen Mary, Long Beach

The Best Piano Music in Town

The playing style is quite varied, with selections ranging from classic love ballads to modern top charts hits. Whether you’re looking for something upbeat or soothing, you’ll always find the perfect song that fits your mood. Fortunately, request are available to accommodate any special requests you might have.

Paradise Restaurant has become a destination spot when it comes to listening to the best piano music around. With enjoyable tunes and innovative sounds, each show will bring out your inner music enthusiast and provide an relaxing night out on the town.

Of course, there’s more to Paradise Restaurant than just our unique piano music—we also have some of the best entertainers and performers around waiting to dazzle guests with their talents. So whether you’re in the mood for some good food, great tunes, or exciting performances—Paradise Restaurant is the place for you!

Entertainers and Performers at Paradise

The great thing about having such talented performers at paradise's is that its patrons can truly feel transported from their ordinary lives. No matter what the customer's taste in music might be - from classic crooner songs to full-blown rock concerts - it is sure to be found at Paradise. And if you are looking for a break from the piano music, the concert series at Paradise offers something special each week for all styles of music-lovers alike.

If you're looking for a unique and memorable evening full of entertainment and joy, you won't want to miss out on Paradise. So come on down to experience the magic of a Piano Bar Restaurant and witness an unforgettable night featuring some of Long Beach's best singers, guitarists, and drummers! After all, where else can you find such amazing talent under one roof?

Plus, that's not even mentioning the best part - when Tuesday rolls around, Paradise plays host to some of the most exciting live shows in town! So don't forget about this wonderful establishment; it simply can't be beat!

The Live Concerts at Paradise`s

Paradise is also well known for its live concerts featuring local and touring jazz acts. The ambiance makes the perfect setting for attendees to experience the magic of listening to talented musicians performing up close. Some patrons have expressed that these live shows have truly elevated their overall time spent at Paradise, while others have a different opinion.

Those who look forward to the live concerts describe being in awe of the level of skill exhibited by the performers, saying they feel as if they are in a much larger venue than what Paradise actually is. Additionally, they have remarked that they appreciate how dedicated and passionate each musician is to creating an enjoyable atmosphere.

On the other hand, some patrons don't enjoy the live performance aspect at Paradise as much as others do, perhaps because it has changed the overall atmosphere from what it once was before such performances became commonplace. They still remain loyal customers of Paradise despite this difference in opinion.

Whether or not you're a fan of live concerts, Paradise consistently draws a variety of talented jazz performers, giving people from all walks life a chance to see some amazing showmanship firsthand. From classic favorites to up-and-coming acts, there's something for everyone amongst these high caliber musicians - further solidifying Paradise reputation for delivering jaw-dropping experiences which will stay with you forever. While continuing its tradition of outstanding performers, piano bar and restaurant, Paradise also offers an additional layer of entertainment with its varied collection of jazz acts.

Variety of Jazz Performers

Paradise piano bar and restaurant offers a diverse selection of jazz performers and entertainment. The live concerts are scheduled regularly and feature jazz favorites, as well as new and up-and-coming artists. Whether you’re a fan of Dixieland or New Orleans Jazz, hear the hottest tunes at Paradise. The performers bring an array of styles, instruments, and skillful arrangements that make it a unique musical experience.

The variety of jazz performers keeps regulars coming back while newcomers can easily find something to groove to. There is an emphasis on community engagement and contributor support, so those who wish to join in the music or even come together to form an ensemble, they can do so at Paradise with the support of talented musicians and devoted patrons.

For those who appreciate high quality music performances with a side of delicious food and drinks, Paradise piano bar and restaurant offers the opportunity for entertainment complemented by hospitality. So, why not take a break from all the hustle and bustle, sit back, relax, enjoy your favorite beverage or snack, and marvel at the diversity of talent? From sensational solo acts to masterful ensembles, preparations for a night of sweet sounds are complete; now you just need to take in the magic that awaits you on the patio. A big thank you to Moonlight At Naple for the support of our establishment! 

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